‘Space, Line, Gravity & Encounter’ SHED

Solo show at SHED Galery, Haltwhistle. The title of the show is inspired by the work of Venezuelan visual artist Gego.

Space, Line, Gravity & Encounter, 14 Feb – 4 March 2015

Helen has created an entirely new body of work for The SHED that explores line weight and how it occupies space. The collection of drawings, sculptural objects and installations have been formed out of an intuitive response to a range of materials that include glass, wool, plastic and metal.

With a background in contemporary embroidery, the work is underpinned by Helen’s experimental approach to stitch. Associations with crafts such as weaving, lacemaking and basketry are made both literally and metaphorically.
Using found and salvaged materials is a recurring part of Helen’s practice.

Through the process of recycling chimney guards, heddles and chainsaw chains, Helen gives these everyday objects new meaning as well as making a direct connection to the rural context in which the work was made.

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