‘Cluster’ ArtHouses Whitley Bay

‘Cluster’ ArtHouses Whitley Bay, 2019

I moved to Whitley Bay in the summer of 2018 and collected remnants of materials from the renovation. These salvaged materials along with others from my collection, have been ‘recrafted’ into sculptural forms and installed in and through No.29. In keeping with the age of the house, the designs are loosely inspired by mourning jewellery of the late Victorian era. The idea for this body of work evolved out of thinking of the home as a living organism, and that the objects we choose to put in and around them a re like adornments. Some of the pieces were prefabricated, others were made in situ. I have utilised previous fixings to display the work, leaving the home as undisturbed as possible . Materials include: cardboard from skirting board s , carpet, paint tin fasteners, light fittings , drawer handles, window blinds and an extractor fan . The photographs are from a 1970’s collection of ‘photo – fit’ images by Jacques Pendry.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped to attach the 100’s of spent cartridges (salvaged from a clay pigeon shooting range) to make the giant pendant. Also a huge thank you to Kate and Chris for letting me put work in their home and garden, and for assisting me with the installation.

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